Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't worry... I'll be back soon!

Our high speed internet is on the fritz at home, so I've not been able to blog this past week.

Since blogging from work is higly frowned upon, I will have to wait until we have things sorted out at home.

Monday, June 2, 2008

So maybe I'll be good at *this*.

Most of my friends are wondering... "why is Lynda starting a blog?"

First I have to give credit to an old high-school friend, Marci, who recently started her own blog at:

I was so entertained by her updates that I was inspired to give it a try.

And then, those who know me, realize 

(1) I'm crap at keeping up with emails
(2) I'm even worse about picking up the phone and calling people
(3) I can't even keep my Facebook up to date
(4) I even tried my hand at scrapbooking (medival form of Facebook for wives over the age of 30) and failed miserably at keeping up with that somehow I convinced myself that I would be *much better* at blogging.

When I told my husband, Terry, about the blog, he said, "You're not going to write about ME, are you?"
Funny that my co-workers asked the same question.

They know me well enough to guess that the answer is YES.  What would be the point of having a blog????

Now, about the title of the blog....  I'm sane, really I am, but I find that life with a husband, a 2 year old and a dog can be a little insane sometimes.  
Before I started running again, I would stay sane by nursing a large glass of JT Pino Grigio every night (we call it "easy drinkin' wine"), but then decided that I should spend my time doing something a little more productive.

After taking almost 3 years off from running, I decided to start training for a 1/2 Marathon.  Again, those who know me well will tell you that I may be prone to the occasional delusion of grandeur.  

I've run two 1/2's since and now I'm training for a marathon in September (ScotiaBank) and another in January (DisneyWorld).

I think people (especially Terry) will generally say that I'm much nicer to everyone now that I'm running again (that's a big thing coming from Terry, because he just about the nicest person you'll ever meet).  And I find that my running helps me cope with the weird things in life like..
  • my son, Finn, having a meltdown because he accidentally flushed his poop, when really he was trying to save it for Daddy to see
  • the dog having "worms"... ugh, so disgusting
  • my monthly credit card bill
I will mention something funny that was overheard in our house today... Terry said,
"He wanted to play with the thong.....with me.... but I wasn't having anything to do with it."

He was talking about Angus, our dog, finding underwear in the bushes.  I had nothing to do with the underwear in the bushes.

So come back every so often to take a look at what's happening in my life... and feel free to comment!